A Man & His Tools Handyman Service

Don Whiteside, Owner, A Man & His Tools Handyman Service

In Business since 2003


Mayfield Drive, Brushy Bend Park, Round Rock, TX 78681

Best way to contact me: Email or Text me.  

Mobile: 512-799-8959

Email: don_whiteside@yahoo.com

Rates: $85/hr plus materials (starting 9/1/2021.)

Note: I do not generally answer my phone for numbers I do not recognize.  There are too many marketing and sales calls that waste my time while I am at work on my client's projects. Please, do not call.  Text or email is the best way to contact me.  As one of my dear friends says, "If it isn't in writing, it didn't happen."  

Pricing Change Notice: As of Sept. 1st, the hourly rate will be $85/hr labor, 1 hour minimum, any additional materials and supplies for the job will be billed at my cost with no markup.

Since I generally charge by the hour in this business, I work fast, but I do charge to shop for you when necessary.  Do your own shopping when you can.

Also, I can NOT haul off old appliances or other waste material. Please check with your refuse service provider ahead of time for disposal of old microwaves, dishwashers or vent-hoods or other items that will not fit in your trash can.

Service Area Map below: (You may be in my service area, but each job will be evaluated separately.)