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Est. 2003

Owner: Don Whiteside

Email: don_whiteside@yahoo.com

Text: 512-799-8959

Thank you for visiting my website!


I established this business in 2003 and have been full time since 2008.  Worked in high text before that for 20 years as a manufacturing engineer, project planner, and hardware project and vendor management.  Bachelor of Science from SWT.

If you are reading this, there is a good chance you found me and my website because a friend referred you to me, or because of Next door or Yelp.  Thank you in advance for visiting!

As the business name "A Man & His Tools" implies, I am just one person, so sometimes I get more requests than I can handle, so I ask and appreciate that you be patient with me!  I maintain the highest quality of service by making sure I do it all myself.  The price I pay is being so busy that sometimes I don't get back with my customers as promptly as I intend.

If after contacting me, you need service that I don't provide, I can help find and connect you with other professionals I know personally and trust, many of whom I have used myself.

On this website, there are no photos. I find it's much easier to add photos and videos to my business Facebook page.  

To see photos of my work, here is a link to my Facebook business page:

Below is a partial list of services I can provide.  If you don't see what you need listed below, please email, text or call to ask me about it.  There are so many things I have done for people over the years that I can't list them all here. 

Services I provide:

  • Ceiling Fan installation and replacement
  • Light fixture replacement 
  • Lightbox removals (both recessed and those that are pre-fab and attached to ceiling)
  • LED recessed lighting installation or upgrades
  • Pendant lighting installation and replacement
  • Light switch or dimmer replacement 
  • Outlet and GFCI replacement 
  • Wireless security camera mounting
  • Appliance installation/replacement, repairs (schedule permitting)
  • Garage organization items: Shelving, storage, wall organizers
  • Sheet rock repairs, texturing and painting
  • Flat screen TV wall installations including moving/adding cable/electrical outlets
  • Attic decking installations---(when it's COOL!!!)
  • Kitchen backsplash installation
  • Exterior and interior door replacement, including any hardware, hinges or lock-sets
  • Door frame repairs due to rot or break-ins
  • Pet door installation
  • Kitchen and bath re-caulking 
  • Exterior first floor wood trim and fascia repairs/replacements
  • Drawer pull installations in kitchens or any cabinets; minor cabinet repairs
  • Garbage disposal troubleshooting and replacement
  • Blinds removal and installation
  • IKEA and other types of office or home furniture assembly (such as patio furniture)
  • Garage Door opener installations and repairs, garage door adjustments 
  • Exterior wood trim repairs and replacements--Or for larger jobs, I know a guy!
  • Custom wood fabrication (too complicated to describe, but if you need anything from a crate, to doggie steps or a wheelchair ramp, let me know.)
  • Glass front cabinet doors, conversion and new
  • Closet tear-outs (so you can add custom closets)
  • Closet shelving repairs and construction, additional shelving
  • And, believe it or not, one of the calls I get regularly is just LIGHT BULB REPLACEMENT....yep.  Believe it.

If you have something that's broken in or on your home, I can probably fix it.  And if I can't fix it, I probably know someone in business that can. 

Thank you for visiting and I hope you call me for service when you need a home repair.  I have lots of testimonials, but as a wise web-master recently told me, anyone can fake testimonials.  So, feel free to call me for references.  Then call my references, please.