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A Man & His Tools Handyman Service 

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Recently updated list of services below.

Hello everyone.  Thank you for visiting my website.  I love what I do, and I hope you do too!

Extreme Summer Temperature Notice:

During the summer months in Texas and even into October sometimes, temperatures and the heat index, especially this summer, are well into the triple digits.  This summer is exceptionally hot!  As such, and being that I am over sixty, I ask that you consider putting off outdoor projects until the fall if you would like me to do them for you.  It's dangerously hot this summer, and it's harder than ever for me and other outdoor maintenance personnel to stay hydrated properly.  

What I accel at:

Ceiling Fans, Ceiling Fans, Ceiling Fans!!!  I am the expert! No one has done more of them than me!!!  Well, I can't actually prove that, but I've done more than 3000 over the past 20 years!!!  Call me first if you need those installed!

Service Area: 

I have posted a map on Yelp and on this website to indicate my approximate service area to help you decide whether to call me.  If you need a very small job, and you are at the very edge of the map....It may not make good business sense to take that job, don't be offended.  

Comprehensive list of Services:  (if you don't see it, ask) 

Note: Due to the extreme heat of summer months, I ask that you consider postponing outdoor tasks marked with "*" until spring or fall when possible. Some of these, although are interior, may require prep/assy/other outdoor steps to complete.
  • *Patio and Ceiling fan replacement--all makes and models; with or without remotes.  Ceiling height can be a factor.  Please let me know the ceiling height in advance so I can come prepared or let you know if I can't do it due to height-of-ceiling limitations.  
  • *Installation of:  Security cameras; RING, EUFY, ARGO, WYZE and other doorbell cameras; wireless home security systems; keyless entry systems; 
  • WIFI thermostats like Nest, Honeywell, ECO BEE and others.
  • LED lighting---disc lights, under counter, pendant and chandelier replacements, recessed, bathroom, etc.
  • Cabinet hardware installation--kitchen, bath, anywhere in your home.
  • Cabinet door hinge repairs/replacements.
  • *Installing cabinets in laundry rooms, garages, etc.--There are some exceptions.
  • Replacing built in Microwaves and some vent hoods   (No commercial style vent installations.)
  • *Removing/adding builder-installed-style shelving in pantries or closets.
  • Drawer repairs and drawer glide/slide replacements.
  • *Backsplash installations.
  • Bathroom fixture replacement such as: medicine cabinets, towel bars and rings, grab bars, etc.
  • TV wall mounting and in-wall cord/cable routing.
  • *Room conversions: This is like small remodeling such as converting a dining room to an office for all you "remote" workers!
  • Sheetrock repairs and touch ups.
  • *Full exterior or interior door replacements (with some limitations.  Just ask.)
  • Door hardware replacement.
  • *Door jamb and casing repairs, non-emergency, and door adjustments.
  • *Caulking--Inside where needed; Exterior on first floor windows, trim.
  • *Exterior window wood trim repairs (first floor,) porch post skirt replacement.
  • Small interior painting jobs such as a bedroom, a hall, wall or just touch up.
  • Custom interior batten board wall installation.
  • *Patio and other furniture (think IKEA or office) assembly when the customer's schedule permits.
  • *Garage ceiling shelving and wall shelving assembly and installation.
  • *Garage door opener installations, diagnosis and replacements, track repairs---(For full door, front rod coil spring replacement or other emergencies, please call an overhead door company.)
  • *Attic decking installation.
  • Baseboard replacement (small jobs like replacing a damaged section along one wall.)
  • Light bulb replacement.  And yes, I do get that call.  People will call and tell me that they replaced the light bulb and ask me to check the fixture.  Folks, it's always the light bulb.....
Special Note: I do not provide haul-off services for debris.  Please make arrangements in advance with your local refuse provider to handle the debris generated by larger jobs.

Thank you sincerely,

Don Whiteside, Owner/Operator of A Man & His Tools Handyman Service